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On Her Majesty's Secret Service 2010 is a year-long auto-documentation of the artist's quest to get a private audience with Queen Elizabeth II. Using the aesthetics of a home-made video, she records and edits her unsuccessful attempts, going as far as appearing on Big Brother, stopping queen look-alikes on the street, attending Royal Ascot and ultimately clashing with the British Authorities in a near police-arrest.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service challenges notions of hierarchy, ethnicity, nationalism and the establishment. It is the piecing together of an identity through a relationship with a Big "Other", it is a search for a certain kind of mythified Englishness whose power of exclusion is questionable in today's society. With an ambivalent eye that is both genuine and critical, it analyses the vulnerability of the individual in the face of the Institution and the over-identification of the foreigner, whose alienation has become the essence of Western society today.

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